Best Deposit Bonuses Online!

Best Deposit Bonuses Online!

Find the best first deposit poker bonuses online.  If you already have your own bankroll or you are playing real money games already than look below for great first deposit bonuses.  All you have to do is make an initial deposit to take advantage of these bankrolls.  By Your deposit bonus will be release either immediately or released in small increments as you accumulate player points.

Have a look below for the best first deposit bonus deals:  – 111% up to $1100 Bonus!
UB gives you 111% up to $1100 in Bonus Dollars after you sign up and make your first deposit!  Just download their free software and take a look at the ultimate place to play poker.  UB’s leading RAI$E program also makes you eligible to earn up to 31% cash back as you play there.  This makes UB one of the best and most rewarding poker sites for US players.  Just remember that there is a 60 day period after you make an intial deposit before your deposit bonus runs out.

Bodog – 100% up to $1,000 & a 10% Instant Deposit Bonus!
You can get a 10% instant deposit bonus plus 100% up to $1,000 when you sign up to Bodog Poker now.  This is another great deal for US players.  Bodog’s sleek, jazzy design makes playing there a real treat, and there are tons of daily freerolls and Beginner Tournaments to engage in. The 10% instant deposit bonus means that if you deposit $100 now, you will get $10 credited into your account instantly.  The 100% up to $1,000 is released in increments of $10 for every 100 Poker Points that you earn, this is pretty good overall.

PlayersOnly – $1,000 Bonus + 10% Instant Deposit Bonus
Make a first deposit at PlayersOnly Poker and you can get a $1,000 bonus and 10% instant bonus on your deposit immediately!  PlayersOnly has one of the highest credit card acceptance rates for US players.  They are the fastest growing poker site in the US and you can even try out their joint wallet sportsbook and casino for extra promotions and rewards!

Free No Deposit Poker Bankrolls!

Are you looking for the best free poker bankrolls and offers? If yes, then continue reading below!

Here we provide you with the the biggest free online poker bankrolls and no deposit bonuses. All poker players can take up these amazing offers and start playing real money games without risking any money. Get free $50 or $100 poker bankrolls at a number of sites and view our existing promotions.

Poker Source – $100 Free Poker Bankroll

At Poker Source you can get $100 or $25 in free poker bankrolls just by signing to one of their featured poker rooms (no deposit necessary!). You can choose from a range of rooms such as UB, Absolute Poker or Bodog. Their instant poker bankrolls, otherwise known as IB, allow you to play with your free bankroll in all types of games. You can only sign up to a poker room that you don’t already have an account at. You can also take part in $150 bankrolls where you meet the minimum deposit requirements:

Poker Strategy – $50 Free Starting Capital

Poker Strategy give all UK and European players a free $50 poker bankroll after they sign up and complete a short 20 question quiz. That’s not all however, you can earn an additional $50 deposit bonuses and unlock loads of poker videos and exclusive strategy articles and coaching by signing up to their offers. You can use loyalty points to purchase items in the online store, such as poker accessories and T-shirts and you can access their massive community forum. Sign up to PokerStrategy!

Your Poker Cash – $25, $50 or $100 Free Money

After you sign up an account at YourPokerCash, you can receive a range of free money offers. At the moment you can get $50 free at Carbon Poker, $25 at Bodog (non-US players) or $100 at Cake Poker. The YPC sign up process is really easy and you can take part in additional bonuses and rake races!

Benefits of Free Poker Bankrolls

The benefits of a no-deposit bankroll are obvious. Instead of having to play real money poker risking your own money, the offers above give you a free poker bankroll which ranges from $50 up to $100. Once you sign up for your poker bankroll, using the step by step instructions you can start playing real money games straight away and keep any of the profits that you make. To be honest, if you don’t have to risk any of your own money that it makes playing No Limit Poker much more enjoyable. You can either use this bankroll to make profits using optimal strategy and try to move up the stakes – all you can blow it all on a single buy-in.

Are the Poker Bankrolls Available for All Players?

Yes. Anyone can participate in the free poker bankroll schemes. You’ll need to have not already have signed up to the poker room that you’re getting a free no-deposit bankroll at. But that’s all. There are no depositing conditions, no hidden terms or anything like that.

How is it Possible to Get a Free Poker Bankroll?

The reason that you can free poker bankrolls is because poker sites want you to play at their sites and give their room traffic. Online poker is a massively growing business. In fact, online poker is the 2nd most competitive and profitable internet marketing industry after porn. It is so competitive that poker sites and affiliates are happy to give you a free poker bankroll and money to sign up with them. So, basically this means that instead of asking how can a poker site afford to give you a free bankroll; ask yourself why they’re not giving you even more free money. There are tons of competing poker sites giving away free poker bankrolls as you will see on our site. So, feel free to complete any of the free poker bankroll offers and when you’re finished remember to come back to for more.

In order to get your free poker bankroll, simply sign up to any of the offers that you stumble across on our site, using the banners, text links or promotional ads. Along with free poker bankrolls, we also provide a number of strategy guides and tips for new players. We cover all the basics for Texas Holdem including pre-flop strategy, starting hand selection, post-flop play and a bunch of other areas. Learning and reading about poker strategy is an excellent way to maintain your bankroll and help you increase is so that you move up the stakes faster. Hell, maybe one day you’ll even be able to excel up to the $4000/$8000 nosebleed stakes at Full Tilt Poker which are the highest stakes that you can play at online. A free bankroll is great and everything, but wouldn’t it be even better if you learnt how to really optimise your free bankroll and stir up some bigger profits in online poker?

Freerolls are an excellent way for new players to start building a poker bankroll.

Usually freerolls contain around 50 – 200 entrants and can have cash prizes worth up to $100,000.

To find out which rooms offer the best freerolls, have a look below for more details:

Best Freeroll Poker Sites

#1 – Carbon Poker

Bonus: 100% up to $600 Bonus!

Carbon Poker offers the best daily and weekly freerolls.  Carbon Poker runs daily $200 freerolls which anybody can join, and they offer a First Depositor Freeroll and monthly VIP freerolls for existing players.

Daily $200 freerolls include both No Limit Holde, PLO and HORSE variants.

All new players who make an initial deposit will gain 14 days entry to the $500 Depositors Freeroll.  This is a great opportunity to build a bankroll straight from signing up.  The new depositors freerolls also have very little competition and entrants, which makes it easier for you to cash out in.

As you earn VIP points at Carbon Poker you will also gain exclusive entry to high stakes freerolls with cash prizes worth over $1,000.

#2 – Sportsbook Poker

Bonus: $1,000 + 10% Instant Deposit Bonus

Sportsbook is probably the best poker site for US players right now. In addition to a 100% up to $650 bonus, new depositors will get a fee coupon to any of the $500 First Depositors Freerolls. The advantage of these tournaments is that they’re full of really fishy players who move over from the cross-over sportsbook.

The “Freeroll into Millions” satellite series provides access to over $1,000,000 in cash prizes.  By successfully climbing up the ladder of satellite freerolls, you can earn yourself the 1st place prize of $250,000.

Sportsbook Poker also uses an innovative VIP rewards scheme which lets you collect Gold Cards and VIP points.  Other sportsbook poker promotions include special NFL Monday Night Football Specials with $2,000 in prizes, a Rewards Store, Bad Beat Jackpot and Sit N Go Leaderboards.

About Freeroll Tournaments

People love freerolls since they allow you to win money without paying any buy-ins.  The other great thing about freerolls is that contain lots of weak players and fish.  This great improves your chances of reaching the final table and making a cash out.

A lot of the world’s most famous poker players started building their poker bankroll with freerolls.  For example, 2007 WSOPE winner Anette Obrastadt started out her poker career by playing freerolls.  In fact, she even managed to win over critics by claiming that she could cash out in freerolls without ever looking at her whole cards.  By using the right type of strategy in freerolls, and keeping a tight table image, you can seriously make a ton of money from freerolls.  I also enjoy starting out in these games at the beginning since it allows you to learn to rules of the games without having to risk any money.

In order to find the upcoming freerolls at a poker site, simply go to the tournament lobby and filter the options for freerolls.  The screen should then display any upcoming freerolls and then you can click to register.

Best poker strategi

We’re continually adding poker strategy articles to  Hopefully, by reading through these different articles you can improve different areas of your game including both pre-flop and post-flop.  All of this will help you to build a bankroll more effectively and make it last longer.

A major reason why you should take some time to learn poker strategy is because 85% of online poker players lose money.  While this statistic may surprise you, you need to bear in mind that making money in poker is incredibly easy, especially when there are so many weak players and fish.  The majority of losing poker players have not bothered to learn any strategy.  As a consequence they will bleed chips too quickly and will be calling to see the flop with all kinds of crap and junk hands.  At PlayersOnly Poker for example, a lot of the players in the micro-stakes tournments are weak players who’ve hopped over from the joint wallet casino and sportsbook.  Hence, you can make a ton of money here if you optimise a winning poker strategy.


5 Types of Bluff Poker

The key to becoming a winning online poker player is being able to read your opponents, narrow down their hand range and be able to take advantage of them when they’re weak, i.e. by bluffing.

However unlike movies and TV shows which make bluffing look as simple as sticking your chips into the middle of the table and waiting for the other guy to fold, there is a lot more to it than that.  You need to be able to understand flop texture, sense weakness in your opponent, analyse his previous hands and patterns in his play, and then most importantly you need to have a “balanced hand rage” to extract maximum value and fold equity from you bluffs.  Basically, picking the right time to bluff is a skill in itself, and not only do you need to bluff, but you also need to “out-level” your opponent psychologically.

Pure Bluff: The pure-bluff has gains to most popularity and exploits in TV and movies.  It is the stereotypical bluff where an opponent shoves all of his chips (or overbets) the pot hoping to pressure his opponent into folding.  Although this seems simple, in reality it is anything but and it’s a great way to lose your entire poker bankroll.  The majority of the time a pure-bluff show a lot of weakness and is generally done by poor, inexperienced players finding themselves stuck in a corner by the river.  In many ways it is a last resort and I think that 99% of the time you’ll get called by a better player like myself.

Semi-Bluff: The semi-bluff is one of my favourites because it is so flexible and easy to pull off.  A semi-bluff is essentially bluffing with a hand that still has “outs” in case you get called.  The most typical hands to semi-bluff with are combo-draws, over cards or Ax.  The main advantages of semi-bluffing is that you can win chips if your opponent folds, however even if you get called you still have a chance to win the pot at showdown plus you can balance your range more.

Continuation Bet: By far the most common bluff on the poker tables is the continuation bet.  This is when you bet a missed-flop having been the last pre-fop raiser.  It’s profitable because it requires only a small commitment of chips and a lot of the time your opponent will miss the flop and just fold.  In fact, your opponent is likely to miss the flop over 66% of the time which means a half-pot c-bet only has to work 1/3 times to break-even. If you bluff two consecutive streets than it’s known as double-barrelling (a third street, i.e. betting the flop, turn and river is known as triple barrelling).

Check-Raise: The check-raise is used by players out of position to take advantage of loose-aggressive players (LAGs).  Unlike the previous 3 types of bluffs, a check-raise involves feigning a weak hand when you actually have a monster.  The aim is that you pretend to be weak so that your aggressive opponent raises/bluff the pot, to which you can then re-raise him. The main advantage that you an end up building bigger pots and taking down more dead money then raising first to act.  Notably, bluff-raising is when you check-raise the board with a weak hand (rather than a strong holding) to make it look as though you have a really strong hand and force your opponent to fold (reverse-psychology).

Post-Oak Bluff: It’s unlikely that you’ll ever use or come across this type of bluff.  Mainly used by professional or high stakes players, the post-oak bluff involves making a thin bet (e.g. ¼ pot-size bet) on the river in order to make it look like you want your opponent to call.  Under the right sort of conditions you can make your opponent fold because it looks so much like you have him dominated that he’ll be prepared to lay down the hand (thinking that you have the nuts of something).  Importantly, this type of bluff doesn’t work against calling stations an players who aren’t capable of reading strength properly.

Although the above 5 bluffs are the most common and well-known, in the last few years or so a number of other types of bluffs have found there way into mainstream poker literature.  For example, “squeeze play” is a common bluff that is used in MTTs whereby a player in MP will 3bet-shove over the top of an LP steal and EP re-raise with the aim of “squeezing” them both out of the pot because of your perceived hand strength and the fact that both of the other players were likely re-raising each other with nothing.