Calculating Win Rate in Cash Games

Calculating Win-Rate in Cash Games Your win rate in online poker is a measurement for how much profit that your making in your games. Why is Calculating your Win Rate Important? As you start playing online poker semi-professionally, it’ll become extremely important to keep an eye on your win rate and sessions.  This might be […]

The Float Play

Float Play Float play is a defensive tactic for bluffing loose aggressive players.  You don’t have to worry about it yet, but once you clear your free poker bankroll in the micro-stakes games and move up a for levels, learning how to use float play becomes steadily more important.  In low stakes and mid-stakes cash games, you’ll […]

What is a Continuation Bet

Continuation Betting A lot of the time when you raise pre-flop you will get called by multiple opponents and miss the flop.  A continuation bet is when you bet the flop having been the last pre-flop raiser, in the hope of taking dead money down in the pot and folding the other opponents.  It’s a […]