Boku87 $10k Prop Bet SNG Bankroll Challenge

Boku87 Grinds a $100 Bankroll up to $10k in PokerStars SNG

Online poker is full of remarkable stories and crazy prop bets.  One of the most memorable was in March 2009 when a German SNG grinder named “Boku87” made a prop bet at 3:1 odds to turn a $100 poker bankroll up to $10k in just 15 days.

By playing the micro-stakes turbo SNGs at PokerStars, Boku successfully grinded a puny $100 poker bankroll up to $10,000 in 15 days.  You can see Boku87’s blog, which details his $10k prop bet at  Since then Boku87 has accredited so much attention from his crazy busty bankroll mission that PokerStars made him a PokerStars Team Pro in 2010.  Nowadays you can also watch a video of Boku87 multi-tabling 51 SNGs successfully!

Edit: Since then, Boku87 successfully completed another prop bet on the 2nd attempt which involved turning a $5 bankroll into $100k in just one year.

How Did Grind a $100 Poker Bankroll up to $10k in 15 Days?

Boku87 started out by grinding his $100 poker bankroll up strictly in micro-stakes SNGs at PokerStars.  The rules and conditions of Boku87’s prop bet:

1. 15 full days to complete challenge.
2. Can only play sit n go’s with a maximum buy in of $16.
3. 90 man or 180 man do not count.
4. If he goes broke at any time, the bet is lost.
5. Only profits count; Rakeback, bonus, player transfers or BoP cashes do not count.
6. A webcam must be run while he plays.
7. The bet is won as soon as the $10,000 is reached, meaning a profit of $9900.
8. Money must be sent before the bet starts to the Pokerstars escrow account.
9. Boku will receive 3-1 odds on all bets.
10. Boku will bet up to $30,000 to your $90,000
11. People who bet against him are not allowed to play at his tables unless it is their regular limits to create realistic atmosphere for micro stakes playing.

Boku87 started his $10k prop bet challenge on 3rd March 2009. Starting at the $1 SNGs and finishing in the $16 SNGs, Boku87 successfully managed to play up to 50 tables at one time an.  To put this in perspective, even most professional mid-stakes players have trouble breaking over 20 games on their screen simultaneously.  Most casual micro-stakes/low-stakes players would have trouble playing more than 5 games in reality.

  • 1st Day: Boku’s first day resulted in a $322 profit (25% ROI) from 550 games.   The maximum number of SNGs that he played simultaneously was 53.
  • 2nd Day: Moved up to the $6 SNGs and played 484 games with a profit of $731 (38% ROI).
  • 3rd Day: Boku87 Played $12 and $16 SNGs and grinded $1k profit in his first session.  Unfortunately he then suffered a $600 downswings but still finished day 3 with +$1111 profit. Total bankroll was now up to $2265 from $100.
  • 4th Day: Had a torrention 4th day, with just a 3% ROI in the $12 SNGs and -6% ROI in the $16 SNGs.  Finished with $2353 total online bankroll.

Screenshots of Boku87′s Bankroll Challenge: