Bonus Whoring

Bonus Whoring

This is the official “Bonus Whoring Guide”, designed to build your bankroll from $100 up to $2,000.

If you’re planning on building up a poker bankroll from scratch or in the micro-stakes cash games, it’s a very good idea to take advantage of new poker bonuses.

The act of moving from one poker site to another and clearing their bonuses is known as bonus whoring.  It isn’t illegal, it’s perfectly natural, and the best part is that you can earn far more money than without them.

The majority of poker bonuses in this bonus whoring guide will give you 100% up to your initial deposit size.  Effectively, this means that if you spend a week or two playing at each poker site than you can double your depositing bankroll over a fortnight.

For example, at our first site, the 100% up to $650 bonus means that you can double a $100 bankroll into $200 within a couple of weeks at the micro limit games.


Beginning Bankroll: $100

1. Sportsbook Poker – $650 Bonus

Sportsbook is also the best site for USA players and now the 10th largest poker site according to the database.

Sportsbook Poker is the best place to begin your bankroll building quest.  You can make a minimum deposit here from just $20 through a wide variety of e-wallets (Neteller, UseMyWallet, Click2Pay and Ukash) and credit cards.  Make a deposit of $100 here and then churn it into $200 in the super-easy cash games.

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Bankroll so far: $200

2. 888 Poker – Instant $8 + 100% up to $400 Bonus

Now that you’ve churned up a $200 bankroll it’s time to move on.  888 Poker is one of my favourite UK poker sites and has recently started to offer exclusive “Poker Cam” tables and 3D graphics.  You’ll receive a special $8 (£5) no deposit when you sign up, however you’ll also receive a 100% up to $400 bonus on your initial deposit.

The 888 Poker Bonus is small, however it’s extremely easy to clear.  You only have to earn 100 bonus points to release $10 into your 888 Poker bankroll.  You can double your $200 bankroll up to $400 in around 1 month.

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(US players are not allowed)


Bankroll so far: $400.

3. – $1100 Bonus is the 3rd largest US poker site and offers minimum deposits from just $10!.

You can take advantage of UB’s huge 110% up to $1100 deposit bonus and “RAISE” bankroll program.

UB’s “RAISE” rewards program gives you a range of incentives such as monthly re-load bonuses to smack your $400 bankroll up to $1,000.  You can exchange your “RAISE” Ultimate Points for cash, tournament coupons or buy items in the UB online store.

UB’s best features are the relatively easy micro-low stakes cash games (up to $0.25/$0.50), juicy overlay tournaments and the special weekly $200k GTD.

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Bankroll so far: $1,000.

5. Bodog Poker – $1100 Bonus

Bodog gives new players a special 10% instant bonus on top of 100% up to $1100.

Once you deposit your $1,000 bankroll you’ll receive $100 credited in to your account straight away.

Although Bodog isn’t the best poker room on the planet, the 110% up to $1100 bonus is a massive boost to your bankroll and eventually help you to grow it to $2,000.

Bodog also recently banned live tracking software, making the poker site better for new players.

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