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Free $100 Bonus at

UB is the 3rd largest poker room in the US market, and is personally one of my favourite rooms to play at. UB has one of the best bankroll building programs called “RAISE” plus they offer MTTs and cash games with extra soft and juicy traffic.  Add to this quick deposit/withdrawal options for US players and awesome software.

$100 Free Poker Bankroll at UB – Get $100 Free UB Bankroll at Poker Source

To receive a free $100 poker bankroll at UB, all you have to do is sign up to PokerSource.  Once you’ve signed up an account, you will be eligible to receive an instant $100 no-deposit poker bankroll at UB after passing a short 20-question quiz.

Steps for Receiving a Poker Bankroll at UB

Receiving your instant $100 bankroll at UB is relatively easy.  First thing is that you’ll need to go to PokerSource and register a new account if you haven’t done so already.  Then you go to the Free Money section at the top of the screen and you will be provided with 3 different rooms and free bankroll promotions to use: $100 at Absolute Poker, UB or $25 at Bodog.  You’ll want to select the free $100 money at UB of course.

Once you select this option, you’ll be given some straightforward instructions on how to collect your bankroll.  You’ll need to sign up a new account at UB with the link and instructions given to you.  Note that if you already have an account with UB than you’ll be ineligible for this particular promotion.  You’ll then have to verify your account: this step involves giving your contact information and telephone number so that they can verify that you are a real person.

Get $100 Free UB Bankroll at Poker Source

After this, you’ll need to pass a very short 20 question quiz which is more or less about the basics of the games.  To be honest, most players should have no trouble passing this and you can re-peat it as many times as you want.  I’ve passed if myself first time and there’s nothing uber complex about it.  Once you’ve successfully passed the quiz you’ll be sent your free $100 no-deposit money to your UB account in the next couple of days.

Are There Any Limitations to the Free Bankroll at UB?

Yes, there are some limitations in place which will prevent you from abusing the free money given to you.  For example, you have to rake 2,500 hands at UB/Absolute Poker before you can withdraw any money.  Technically speaking, it’s still your money since it’s in your account etc but the limitations prevent players from taking advantage of the deal.

About Poker Source

If you’re wondering how a site like UB can afford to give away free poker bankroll to players, it’s simple to explain.  PokerSource works in partnership with large poker sites such as UB and Bodog and provides free bankrolls in order to encourage new players to sign up.  In fact, PokerSource have already given away more than $11 million in free bankrolls. Don’t worry, the poker rooms still make way more profit than you’d think by giving away these free bankrolls since in the long term players will generally rake quite a lot for them.

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