Poker VIP Rewards

What are Poker VIP Rewards?

VIP Poker Rewards schemes are basically a series of exclusive rewards and promotions that are given to the best and most loyal players at any given poker room.  VIP programs are sit at the top of the player rewards ladder, and they tend to have very strict qualification requirements in order for you to access their offers and rewards, such as 100,000 rewards point or so and so volume per month.  In fact, one of the most famous and respected VIP rewards programs is Super Nova Elite at PokerStars.  Thousands of professional poker players make it their life mission to qualify for this each year, yet only a handful ever go on to make it.  It literally requires an insane amount of volume – to put this in perspective I think that someone actually wrote an article about this and said that you need to play an average of 7 hours per day, 5 days a week multi-tabling 10+ games of $5/$10 NLH cash games.

VIP Rewards with a range of exclusive promotions such as cash back, re-load bonuses, exclusive tournaments and VIP trips to live tournaments around the world.

Most top poker sites provide an exclusive VIP Rewards System for high stakes players and high volume grinders.  VIP Rewards Schemes tend to yield exceptional value to baller poker players because they are desperate to keep their high volume players happy.

The thing about VIP rewards is that there aren’t too many high stakes or professional poker players out there.  And because high stakes $3/$6 grinders will regularly rake massive amounts for the poker room, the poker room will want to do anything in its paths to keep them there – hence the large number of beguiling VIP rewards schemes and programs that have cropped up at all the best poker sites.  Imagine for yourself, how much a professional high stakes $5/$10 15-table grinder could make playing online poker 7 hours per day 5 days per week!  That’s a whole truck load of money generated for the poker room.

VIP Cash Back Rewards

The majority of VIP Poker Rewards Programs will inevitably involve cash back rewards.  This means that the poker player will receive anywhere between 30% – 50% of the total rake that he contribute to the poker room back into his account.  (Although these figures might seem crazy, you have to take into account the competition that poker rooms will face from competing businesses for their biggest whales.  Basically, if poker rooms didn’t offer such seductive VIP bonuses then they’d lose their whales to another room).

Best VIP Rewards Program  –

As the third largest US poker site, naturally offers one of the juiciest VIP programs called RAISE.  Split into different VIP Statuses, if you earn Icon status in the RAISE program (10,000 points) you will be eligible for 31% cash back, 5% interest on all money that you leave in your account for one year, VIP concierge service, exclusive entry to tournaments and satellites and more!

Although’s RAISE caters to all sorts of player, when you do manage to attain Legend or Icon status thing really heat up. You’ll receive access to exclusive tournaments, VIP hosting, concierge service and you can exchange your UB Points for all sorts of high-value gifts and merchandise.

In addition to the above, if you win free seats to a land-based event through and you have Icon status than you’ll be “treated like a King,” will take care of all the logistics and travel arrangements, 5 star accommodating, concierge service, provide you with free night life tickets or romantic services and more!