Reload Poker Bonuses

What are Re-load Bonuses?

Re-load bonuses are a special type of bonus that are given to you by the poker room after your initial deposit bonus is complete.  Although re-load bonuses are harder to find, they are also one of my favourite features of top poker rooms.  The advantage of playing at a poker room that regularly gives out free re-load bonuses to players multiple times during a year is that it can increase your winnings and increase your bankroll without having to even change poker rooms.

Why do Poker Rooms Provide Re-Load Bonuses to Players?

To keep players happy of course!  Under normal circumstance, the top poker rooms will reward their long serving player by giving them re-load bonuses several times during the year.  Although they don’t have to, re-load bonuses and other special VIP treatment helps the poker room to build a strong relationship with their players.  It also keeps them happy and prevents them wondering to other poker rooms because of massive deposit bonuses or promotions that they’ve heard about.

In my time playing online poker I have been on the receiving end of a massive load of re-load bonuses and offers from sites such as Walkers Poker and PokerStars who contact me through email and let me know of their exclusive personal offers.  Most of the time these will just be $20 rolling deposit bonuses to incentivise me to go back there.  However, a few times I received up to $100 instant-match bonuses, meaning that if I deposited $100 than they would give me an additional $100 straight away without any bonus clearing requirements!  Even I was blown away at some of the re-load bonuses that I was receiving so you really can’t take for granted what building a lengthy and loyal relationship with a poker room will get you.

Advantages of Re-Load Bonuses

Re-load bonuses serve a range of advantages of different types of poker players.  If you are a break-even player in the micro-limits than a $50 re-load bonus will mean that you make $50 profit for that month.  Alternatively, if you’re currently losing money in your cash games than re-load bonuses and VIP rewards can reduce these losses and maintain your bankroll longer.  And of course if you’re already a shooting star that’s tearing apart the fish and regs at the tables than that $50 if quite nice too!

Best Poker Site Re-Load Bonuses

In addition to a tasty 110% up to $1100 deposit bonus, the US-friendly poker room regularly dishes out juicy reload bonuses to their players as part of their award winning RAISE Rewards Program. currently has a 100% up to $250 reload bonus for all players who make a re-deposit of $10 or more.  You couldn’t really ask for a better way to “fatten” your bankroll!