Rush Poker Strategy

Rush Poker Strategy – Tips for Playing Rush Poker at Full Tilt Poker!

Many players trying Rush Poker for the first time essentially decide to approach it as if it were the same as standard poker, or maybe a slightly faster way to clear online poker bonuses at FTP. While they’re not totally incorrect in doing so, players who treat Rush Poker as just an amped-up version of its slower poker cousin are definitely missing edges that could translate into higher profits at the tables.

The critical question to ask when planning your adjustments for Rush Poker is this: How does the speed of the game change the average person’s play? Your initial answer to this question might be “not much”, but take a second and move past your first instinct. The speed is the key differentiator between Rush Poker and standard poker, so what impact does that speed have?

I think the first answer you’ll come up with once you give it additional thought is that Rush Poker allows players to be far more patient than they would be in a standard game. Think about a bad player you know well in your regular game – a loose one. What makes them bad? Generally that they play too many hands. Why do they play too many hands? Because they lack patience. They can’t stand to be out of the action.

Now I’ll ask you to take this bad player that you know fairly well and place him in an imaginary game of Rush Poker. How is the loose action junkie going to react? Desiring action, are they going to play the hand their dealt, regardless of its quality, or are they going to click that “quick fold” button and immediately be dealt another hand?

I think you know the answer. Even the most degenerate player understands that good cards are better than bad cards, and given the chance to “exchange” their hand instantly for a new one, they’re going to snatch it.

So, we’re now returned to our original question – how should you adjust to Rush Poker? I think it’s clear at this point that average players are going to be playing far more tightly than they would otherwise, and that fundamental fact is what you should be adjusting for (primarily against unknown players – adjusting to regular players is another matter altogether). The specifics of the adjustment are up to you and your particular approach to poker, but the point remains: Rush Poker requires substantial shifts from your normal strategy, and not considering those shifts is akin to leaving money on the table.

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